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Re: Very Motivating

From: Carla Di Domenicantonio
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 10:20:00 -0500
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Hi, Daniella - Thank you for your comments and for your question. With David, we focused on eliminating beaver talk by heightening his self-awareness of sounds involving the lips. I even recommended mom use gooey lip gloss at home to provide the added sensory feedback. We then collaboratively selected pausing as a tool for slowing down his delivery. Because the disfluencies disappeared as a result of slowing down, we did not need to address them directly. The daily self-ratings really motivated David. We also used them to set goals for the following week. For example, if ratings were at 4 and 5 one week, I would ask him where he'd like to be the following week and we'd discuss what would need to happen in order for him to get to a 3 for example. I would always verify at the next visit whether he had met his target and discuss the how or the why not. And I always praised and celebrated his successes. I hope this answers your question. Best wishes, Carla.

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