Seeing is Believing

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Re: Typical?

From: Carla Di Domenicantonio
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 10:41:40 -0500
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Hi, Kelly - Thank you for your question. Clutterers are reported to be unaware of how they speak. Some are probably more unaware than others. Some will have received feedback from friends and family to slow down, to repeat, or to stop mumbling. They are aware of the feedback, of course, but they may not quite understand why they are getting this response. They become aware when they hear/see it for themselves. Other populations, like stutterers, are generally highly aware of their speech. The use of video or auditory feedback may not be appropriate for all S&L populations or for all age groups; however, I find it highly helpful when working with fluency disorders. It allows clients to see themselves from the outside. They often notice things they had not been aware of before. From these observations, the person can determine what he/she wants to change. My job is to guide them in settng realistic goals and to assist them in achieving their goals, or coming as close as possible to achieving them. Thank you again for your question. Regards, Carla.

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