Seeing is Believing

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Re: Lack of self awareness regarding cluttered speech

From: Carla Di Domenicantonio
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 11:07:29 -0500
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Hi, Yael - Thank you for your interest in my paper and for your question. There is no definitive answer to your question - I would say it depends. Some will come to realize; others will not. I have worked with clients who received feedback from family and friends about slowing down. These clients were confused by the feedback because to them, they were speaking slowly. It is only after hearing themselves on tape that they were able to recognize what others were reacting to. I would imagine the same would go for disfluencies, especially if they are the type of disfluencies non-stutters have. If there is a stuttering component, then I would expect that the affected person would be aware because of the tension and effort stuttering usually involves. Do you think your neighbor is aware? Regards, Carla.

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