When is it Cluttering and When is it Cluttering-Plus?

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Re: Awareness & Cluttering?

From: Lisa LaSalle
Date: 29 Apr 2010
Time: 18:57:56 -0500
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Thanks, and yes, that is a good question about whether fluency improves when you get the client to improve upon their self-awareness of sound production and pauses - or lack of pauses -- from an audio recording. In my experience, fluency increases but so does intelligibility. Both can be important to the person who clutters. Usually intelligibility is the higher priority. So a clutterer is apt to say, "I don't really stutter - I knew someone in HS who stutters and it isn't like that - but I hate it when I'm always being asked to repeat myself." This "needing to repeat" can be due to sound production problems (syl/sec are excessive, pauses are irregular and non-linguistic, weak syllable delletion/coarticulation is prevalent) OR it can be be the nonstutters / nonfluencies / mazing that detracts from the listener receiving the message that the speaker who clutters is trying to convey. Like a speaker in the Myers & St. Louis DVD says, "Cluttering is something I do that makes people go 'what?' " Anyway, good question, and thanks for your patience in my "pregnant pause" in replying. I'll try to catch up with all the good info at this online cluttering conference :)

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