Helping Clients Regulate Speech Rate

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Re: Question regarding pauses

From: Ken Logan
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 22:28:04 -0500
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The generalization of pausing to real world situations varies across clients. Some find it very helpful and relatively easy to implement, others find it very helpful, but very unpleasant to use, and some don't find it that helpful! As I said in one of my previous responses, I often tell clients that I think it's a bit like what a novice radio or TV announcer must go through when they are learning to use the presentation style that is widely used in that medium...another way to think of it, is it's something like a register that one learns to use...certain situations call for certain ways of talking (i.e., I talk one way when I interact with my boss; I talk another way when I interact with my friends), and the more one practices, the more natural these new styles of speaking feel. Parents of teens who clutter sometimes have a hard time understanding how difficult it can be to monitor speech output continuously for minute after minute after minute. In such cases, it is useful to have them attempt to implement some type of task that involves sustained self-regulation (e.g., try spending the next hour walking 10% slower than you normally do...every step, not matter what is happening around you!)...

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