Helping Clients Regulate Speech Rate

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Re: Questions regarding additional activities and techniques

From: ken Logan
Date: 29 Apr 2010
Time: 21:05:51 -0500
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Dear Leah, Yes, young children....! Interestingly, all of the cluttering clients I've ever seen have been at least middle school aged or older. Part of that has to do with my current work setting, perhaps, but even back when I worked in an elementary school, I don't remember seeing many (any?!) young children who clutter. I read something similar to this on another post at this conference. But, it you did have a young child who clutters and articulation rate seemed to be an important strategy to introduce, I suppose I go with modeling/imitation. That is, present the child with examples of what you'd like them to say and how you'd like them to say it, and see if they can produce something similar Most kids can do this...and, if so, you can then attach a label on it (e.g., easy talking). The challenge with real young kids is that they usually can't be expected to self-regulate rate for long periods of time without prompting from an adult. So, it'd probably be on a partial solution. As for WSD, yes, manual cueing seems like a good way to might be good initially to assess the person's perceptual awareness (can they perceive these syllables??), and then work from that into production.

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