"Two Thumbs Up!"

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Re: Questions for "Two Thumbs Up!"

From: Nina Reeves
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 09:45:15 -0500
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Thanks for your questions. i will take them one at a time. First, you are correct that I am NOT suggesting that we would ONLY work on two goals for the duration of therapy. The basic premise is that there can be many goals for CWC, and each would have specific benefit when addressed. However, the sheer number of the "things we have to work on" can be overwhelming. So, we are taking the process into smaller bite-sized portions. :) For your second question, I can tell you that there are some great articles in this conference, as well as those on the International Cluttering Association webiste that address speaking rate activities. For me, I thend to "reduce rate" indirectly through pausind and pacing activities. Reading aloud is a great first step (putting slash marks where pauses can be inserted) to making pausing and pacing more "concrete." I hope this helps, and thanks for praticipating> Don't forget to tell your friends!

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