Treating Cluttered Speech in a Young Child

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Re: Question

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 25 Apr 2010
Time: 19:29:56 -0500
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Kerry, Wonderful question. I'm not sure, truly, why "Clear speech" worked where "turtle talk" didn't. My idea in making the change was that a) perhaps Claudia didn't really make the connection between turtle talk and moderating her speech (perhaps it was a bit too abstract for her), and b) clear speech might focus her more on attending to her listeners by modifying her speech rather than modifying her speech just because we asked her to do that. The difference may be minimal, or it may have worked just by luck--maybe turtle talk would have worked if we'd stuck with that. I don't think we'll ever truly know. Since Claudia was quite interested in talking to people and really enjoyed social interactions, I thought that we might focus with her on getting her message out to the listener. We tried to be as concrete about that as possible to make it easier for her to be successful. I'm sure that you might come up with other great ways of expressing this, and I would guess that the best method will differ from child to child. Best wishes and thanks for your comments, Lynne

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