Treating Cluttered Speech in a Young Child

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Re: Social group therapy

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 26 Apr 2010
Time: 11:28:48 -0500
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Lindsay, For Claudia, the social groups at school are managed by the resource teacher. She works with the children as they have lunch together and on the playground at recess. I have not been in contact with her social group therapist(s) for the group she has recently begun attending. Typically, though, groups for younger children will focus on topics related to helping the children understand a rule of social interaction and then provide opportunities for practice within the group setting. So, for example, they might work on how to initiate conversation with someone, the importance of not interrupting someone who is speaking, how to make requests, etc. I suspect it varies, depending on the children who are enrolled in the treatment. Claudia's mother has indicated that she thinks the social group is helping Claudia gain confidence in interacting with others. Since her mother has shared the cues we've used with both the social group therapist and her school resource teacher, she believes that this is helping Claudia by providing more exposure to these natural cues across a variety of settings. I hope this answers your question. If you are interested in social group therapy, you might check with local groups and speak with the therapists. One group here in my area has a clinical psychologist working together with an SLP in their social groups. School SLPs also conduct social therapy groups with children who are on their caseloads, as well. Regards, Lynne

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