Treating Cluttered Speech in a Young Child

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Re: Very Interesting + Question

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 28 Apr 2010
Time: 21:20:35 -0500
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Virginia, We don't really understand the relationship between autism and cluttering, though it appears that cluttering may exist at a higher rate in people with autism, or at least it is possibly the case. More research is needed here. I think that the cluttering characteristics were not picked up in Claudia's speech since she also had a quite severe phonological disorder initially. She truly had a limited number of phonologic patterns and no one could understand her. I think we noticed the rate and deletion characteristics when her speech intelligibility had improved in single words and very short phrases because of her phonological treatment. But, I didn't work with her earlier, so that is just my educated guess. Best wishes as you move into your graduate studies in our field. You have chosen a wonderful field--of course, I'm just a bit biased. Enjoy! Lynne

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