Treating Cluttered Speech in a Young Child

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Re: Cluttering in young children

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 28 Apr 2010
Time: 21:31:36 -0500
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Shayndle, We have not officially labeled Claudia as cluttering, but acknowledge that she shows a number of characteristics of cluttering. She has the official diagnoses of speech, language and fine motor delays, along with mild autism. As I described in the paper, we have worked quite a bit with Claudia to help her recognize listener cues that she is not being understood--the "huh?" and "what?" and the quizzical looks have all been used as natural cues. Claudia does not usually respond with other than a repair (improving her intelligibility on repeating or revising her utterance), so I do not think she is bothered by it. She really likes the fact that her listener understands and continues to converse with her. I think it is important to be sure to balance the requests for correction with positive comments about her communication skills. Best regards, Lynne

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