Treating Cluttered Speech in a Young Child

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Very Interesting!

From: Jennifer Cain
Date: 30 Apr 2010
Time: 11:20:20 -0500
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This article was very interesting to me because I don't know much about cluttering, but I'd like to know more. While reading the article I was able to vividly picture what therapy with Claudia is like. It is amazing the progress she has made once the therapy goals were re-evaluated! I thought it was a really good idea to start adding "huh?" and "what?" into her verbal cues, as those are two phrases I find myself constantly using! She seems to be an exceptional child and I'm so glad everyone around her (her teachers, family, peers, etc.) are so supportive! It seems like she'll have no problem producing intelligible speech as she gets older. Thanks for sharing this article!

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