My personal walk with cluttering: From non-believer to believer

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Very Helpful!

From: Briann Jennissen, Minnesota State University-Mankato
Date: 14 Apr 2010
Time: 18:37:17 -0500
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I really appreciated this article on cluttering. Being a first year student involved in courses on stuttering I am amazed at how many opportunities I find to help those who stutter—and who clutter. In the author’s section called Beginnings of change I respect that when not enough information on cluttering was available, Tetnowski and others took initiative and helped others by digging deeper to find more information. A valuable piece of information I will take away from this article is the summarization of the common factors that exist in all people who clutter; a significant amount of disfluencies and also rapid or irregular speech. I find it very humbling of the author to admit he dismissed cluttering as a pseudo-disorder like many others. However it provides much credibility to the article that he included not only his testimony of a changed attitude towards cluttering, but also reasons for this change. Thank you very much for this article!

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