My personal walk with cluttering: From non-believer to believer

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Re: Stuttering/Cluttering

From: John Tetnowski
Date: 19 Apr 2010
Time: 12:28:21 -0500
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Carman, Yes, a person can both stutter and clutter. I typically target the impairment that has the greatest social or emotional impact first, but in some cases one may be treatable quite easily and quickly, and sometimes I treat that part first. As part of my assessment, I always do some "stimulability" testing. That is, what can a person do when receiving maximum cueing. We often associate this term with articulation assessment and therapy, but I think it makes sense with fluency disorders. If a person can readily make change just through some simple instruction, then begin there. I really believe that each person needs to be treated and assessed individually. I do begin with the relevant research in a particualr area, but NOT ALL HUMAN BEINGS RESPOND THE SAME. Take the time to find the strengths, weaknesses, opinions, abilities, motivations, and emotions of each and every person that you treat. Know the research, but evaluate each individual completely before planning therapy. Thanks for your question! Sincerely, John T.

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