My personal walk with cluttering: From non-believer to believer

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Re: Success rates

From: Helene B. Kvenseth
Date: 26 Apr 2010
Time: 06:01:52 -0500
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Thankyou for using the term "cured". Personally I dont belive there is a cure to cluttering. I have had two rounds of speech theraphy and about a year in a fluency disorder group, and I believe that this has made my life with cluttering a lot better. I know technices to control my speech, I have dealt with the emotional component, I have met "people like me" and I am very open to people that there is a reason why I sometimes loose control over the words. This does not at all mean that I am "cured", it simply means that the chances of me speaking fluent is a lot higher than before I began in speech theraphy and that its a lot easier for me to speak understandable in concrete situations and getting back to track when I loose control over the words. When I forget to monitor my speech, am tired, very relaxed... the words goes back to its natural mess and if I fool myself to think that I am "cured" my speech will get a lot worse very fast.

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