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Re: Thank you for your work in getting this group started - and q...

From: Jonathan Wong
Date: 26 Apr 2010
Time: 15:12:32 -0500
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Ive been bad and neglating my group. When I first started, I actually did not do any advertising or sought out to promote my gorup. People found it on their own. Most people I think have found it thru the Yahoo Cluttering group. We only have about 8 members so far. But since then, I have sent an email to the Cluttering specialists linked on the Stuttering Foundation and ASHA. The International Cluttering Association has help me promote also. I need to put some more work into it. I would recommend that someone start with the and trial it for a few months. Facebook, Twitter or some other online social group would also be good. Promote via the Yahoo cluttering group. Once I have more stable meetups, then I could also be a good resource to help promote.

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