Interview With Caroline

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Re: Teasing - Caroline and Lynne

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/7/02
Time: 10:41:00 AM
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Caroline gave you a wonderful explanation about how we used puppets and dress-ups to role play reactions to teasing. But, I think that Caroline understated her dress-ups. You see, Caroline has lots of really neat dress-up costumes that she brought from home. The photo with the article doesn't show the half of it, as she didn't bring home dress-ups the day we took pictures. Dressing up as "Caroline" or "the teaser" varied from her being a princess, a lady in a fancy hat and wild glasses, Batman--yes, the real thing!, and more. She's one classy dresser.

Finding a vehicle for each child to express his/her feelings and work out their ideas is important. In addition, I thought that it was important for the activity to be fun for Caroline, and for her to do this as often as she wanted. Caroline was good at role-playing and imagining herself doing it in 'real life'. That may have helped her try out her practiced responses at school when she experienced teasing.



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