Interview With Caroline

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Re: Wonderful story

From: Candace
Date: 10/8/02
Time: 11:01:42 AM
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Thanks for letting us know you liked our article. By all means share Caroline's story with your client. He might enjoy reading about someone else near his age who has experience with his kind of speech.

One way of getting kids to open up about how they feel about their speech is to ask them to draw a picture of how they look on a bumpy talking day and a good talking day. If you see a difference in the two pictures, you can ask your client to tell you why they drew themselves this way for bumpy days, etc. It can really get a conversation going for younger kids who may not be used to putting their feelings into words. This is an exercise from a wonderful workbook by Kristin Chmela and Nina Reardon entitled "The school-age child who stutters: Working effectively with attitudes and emotions". It is available at a very reasonable cost from the Stuttering Foundation of America and has lots of ways to help children of various ages learn how to communicate their feelings about their stuttering.

Best wishes to you as you continue your education and begin working in the profession.



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