Interview With Caroline

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Re: Lynne and Caroline

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/10/02
Time: 5:30:21 PM
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You have asked some good questions, which bring up the issue of how SLPs can work with classroom teachers. In Caroline's case, we asked her kindergarten teacher to allow Caroline and I to do a presentation to her class about stuttering. The teacher was not comfortable with this, so we elected not to push the idea. The teacher told me that there was quite a bit of teasing going on in the classroom, with many children teasing others about a variety of issues. She wanted to address teasing and bullying as an overall issue, rather than to focus on just Caroline's problems with teasing. I made sure the teacher understood what we were doing to help Caroline develop responses to the teasing, and asked that she support Caroline in this, speaking to any cildren who continued to tease Caroline.

I would like to see Caroline do a classroom presentation at some point. Perhaps with her class this year, now that she is in the first grade. I think that this can be a very effective way to address the issue of teasing, as well as to educate classmates and teachers about stuttering.

Hope this answers your question. Thanks for reading our paper.



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