Interview With Caroline

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Re: Way To Go!!!

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/11/02
Time: 3:00:09 PM
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Thanks for reading our paper. I'm glad that you think it might be useful to use with your kids in therapy.

To answer your question, I'm basically with you on the issue of whether or not to push a child to work on responses to teasing. If a child isn't interested in talking about it at the time you bring it up, pushing it will get you nowhere. I think that it is important to be open about teasing/bullying as a potential issue, to talk about how some kids get teased sometimes about their speech, and that there are different ways to handle it. When I have a child who does not express any interest in working on teasing, I move on to other things, and periodically bring it up again. That way, the topic has been introduced and I am giving them opportunities to take me up on the option at later times, when it may have become more of an issue to the child.

Caroline may have another opinion on this--I hope she'll let us hear from her.



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