Interview With Caroline

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Re: Great Job

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/15/02
Time: 9:40:10 AM
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Thanks so much for your kind words. I like to tell my kids that when they get teased, they need a snappy comeback. It may not change the teaser, but it changes them. They are handing the insult back to the giver, not taking it inside themselves when they can learn to put the blame where it fully belongs--with the bully.

Caroline has really done a wonderful job of taking this message to heart. She gets the credit. Caroline came to us wanting to do something about her speech and those girls who were teasing her. All we did was help her do the problem-solving. I feel privileged to have been able to give her some tools to use.

You said it all when you wrote that it is important to help children who stutter maintain their self-worth.

Thanks for your comments.


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