Interview With Caroline

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Congratulations and a question or two

From: Becky McGee
Date: 10/15/02
Time: 6:57:04 PM
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First, a BIG congratulations to you all. It seems like you've made the best of a situation that wasn't very pleasant. I am a teacher, and I understand how hurtful some children can be. I also have a son who has speech problems, not like yours (Caroline), but some expressive language and articulation problems. I am going to share your article with him so that he can find an appropriate way to deal with people who may say unkind things to him.

My questions:

Can you please define what you mean by easy talk (easy onsets) and stretchy talk (stretches) at the beginning of words?

How do you learn/teach to plan ahead in your speaking to use these techniques?

Again, great job!

Becky McGee

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