Interview With Caroline

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From: Bernie Weiner
Date: 10/18/02
Time: 1:45:18 PM
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Hi Caroline and Lynn, Your wonderful paper made me smile and also brought a tear to my eye. Caroline, you are one brave little girl who can teach even us "grownups" a lesson about stuttering. You know so much about your "bubbly speech" than I did at your age. I could never really explain why I stuttered until much later in my life. And keep practicing your "stretchy speech." As for anyone who teases you, if you can't teach them about your speech, they are not worth your time anyway. True friends will not care how you talk.

And Lynne, thank you for caring so much about the kids who stutter. They are going to be so much better off because of people like you. You really do "get it." By the way, there is an NSA support group in St.Louis, led by my good friend, Ed Weiss. I think it would be great if Caroline met these people one day.

Caroline and Lynne, keep up the great work. You both inspire me.

Bernie Weiner

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