Interview With Caroline

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From: Katonya Floyd
Date: 10/20/02
Time: 2:34:00 AM
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First of all, I would like to tell Caroline that she has the right attitude and to keep up the good work! One of my clients is a ten-year-old male stutterer who experiences teasing at school and from friends on a regular basis. We have discussed teasing and methods to handle it, but for the most part, he reacts in a very violent and angry way. When I first met the student, I asked him about the times that he felt that he stuttered the most. He said at school and whenever he talked to his mother. He could talk to his dad without stuttering a lot, but he always stuttered when he talked to his mom. He later stated that his mother would hit him or get angry whenever he stuttered. During parent conferences, the mother is always focused and seems willing to help, but whenever I ask the student about his progress at home, he always reply that his mother continues to get angry. My question is, Could his reactions to teasing result from his mother's responses? And, would you please give me some suggestions that would aid in coping strategies for both the parent and the child.

Thank you, Katonya Floyd

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