Interview With Caroline

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Re: Caroline's Brave Attitude

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/21/02
Time: 11:14:25 AM
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You have asked a good question. Caroline is a very outgoing child, so what worked for her may not be the best solution for a child who is quite shy. A shy child may decide on different responses than Caroline decided to try. Or, they might prefer enlisting more direct help from his/her teacher initially, talking with the child who teases in the presence of their teacher, for example. They might also need to do more extensive role-playing to gain confidence. I try to work with each individual child to find solutions that fit their personalities and needs. They know what they are willing to do and what doesn't feel right to them. Over time, my goal with a very shy child would be to see them handling their problems independently, but I do think that they might benefit from more support in outside situations initially.

I happen to have a son who is quite shy, so I know that it takes time and support to be brave enough to do things that seem hard at first. He has taught me that to push too hard feels very bad and too scary. Giving suggestions and waiting until he is ready to get out and try something has worked much better for him. Also, asking him what he is ready to do is quite important.

Best wishes to you as you continue in your training, and thanks for your comments and your question.



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