The Use of Altered Speech Feedback in Stuttering Management

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Theory to Practice

From: Judy Butler
Date: 10/5/02
Time: 3:00:26 PM
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Hi Greg,

I needed this article at precisely this moment in time, for it is my responsibility to help lay persons as you say "...become informed of the various approaches toward stuttering management, and pick specific treatments that best meets their needs." Since it is my perception that SLPs have a difficult enough time with this task, I expect that it is even more confusing for a lay person. I needed your article to add perspective and balance to this decision making process which can also be highly emotional. For example, in an article at Joe Kalinowski describes how application of ASF has "changed his life." Also, "Their device aims to correct stuttering just as eyeglasses correct fussy vision." Stuttering is described as a "horrific disorder." At the end of the article are the disclaimers.

You state on page 9, "Even though this application of the ASF phenomenon shows promise...the long term consequences (both positive and negative) are currently unknown..."

In my opinion, 'buyer beware' has been the rationale for marketing a variety of products in this country. This is my question: if you were an SLP, how would you decide whether or not to suggest that a client attempt a fluency enhancing device? If a member of your own family wanted to try it, would you purchase such a device?

Thank you, Judy Butler

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