The Use of Altered Speech Feedback in Stuttering Management

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Prosthetic Devices and Stuttering Management in Children

From: Greg
Date: 10/5/02
Time: 5:19:53 PM
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First, let me say that more research is needed to answer responsibly. However, I will say that--off the record--initial results using ASF prosthetic devices with children appear very promising.

Some people may take the opposite view though, and state that prosthetic devices detract from stuttering self-acceptance, and lend themselves toward dependency on the device. However, prosthetic devices only lesson stuttering frequency, and are not intended (or sold) as a "cure." Itís an appliance that may help stuttering be easier to manage. With no concrete evidence linking severity to (stuttering) self-acceptance, I think the use of prosthetics in the child-stuttering population is an exciting alternative (that may hold great potential) in stuttering managements.


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