The Use of Altered Speech Feedback in Stuttering Management

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Re: recommendations for fluency enhancement using DAF

From: Greg
Date: 10/6/02
Time: 9:44:54 AM
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Hi Tina,

Thanks for your question. First, no one manufacturer has the corner on DAF, as it’s a rather simple digital processing effect. Second, since we’re in the digital realm, there really isn’t any reason why FAF shouldn’t be included—at least as an option—if this family chooses prosthetic stuttering management.

So the real question becomes price-point vs. wear-ability. The Janus devices are very expensive, but offer the most flexibility as far as wear-ability, as well as future “firmware” upgrades. (The Janus device is a digital aid, and subsequently can be “upgraded” to newer, and presumably better, firmware versions that may improve the overall performance of the device.) The Janus device also offers both DAF and FAF. The Casa Futura portable device offers DAF (and MAF), but is much more reasonably priced. It’s “portability” is far less transparent than the Janus in-the-ear device (e.g. about the size of a deck of cards vs. the Janus in-the-ear digital aid). Casa Futura also offers larger models offering both DAF and FAF, but their size makes it impractical for prosthetic use. If a client is asking about Altered Speech Feedback, these are the (only) two manufacturers I would suggest they research.

Regarding the Fluency Master, it does not use the Altered Speech Feedback phenomenon—and does not have the depth of peer-reviewed research supporting its efficacy claims. I do not feel comfortable going into more detail about the device (publicly), but suffice it to say that I recommend it to no one.


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