The Use of Altered Speech Feedback in Stuttering Management

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A humble request :-) & clarification

From: Gunars
Date: 10/9/02
Time: 2:23:33 PM
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Greg, We succeeded in totally misunderstanding each other. :-) a) What I thought, b) what I wrote, c) what you read, and d) what you understood clearly were FOUR DIFFERENT things. :-) So let us try once more with feeling. :-) What I am asking from you is some pragmatic information. Something that is of use to me. Right now. :-) 1) In the first question the operative word was “more normal” sounding. I have a pretty good handle on my stuttering and was just trying to put an “icing” on the cake without introducing any new peculiarities in speech. If it cuts down even more on the number of disfluencies without introducing any other speech peculiarities, I would be happy, since most of the time my disfluencies are quite minimal. So the question still remains: Do these devices introduce any NEW distortions in speech? In my humble opinion normal prosody, volume, emotion heard in voice, etc. is not at all subjective. 2) I suppose that it is not possible for you to answer a question concerning a model or a manufacturer directly in a conference setting without stirring up a hornets’ nest. So can I either get your phone number and call you or could you, please, e-mail me the names, addresses or telephone numbers of manufacturer(s) who you think are reputable and have what you consider ASF. I promise not to share the information you give with anybody. :-) My e-mail is I am only asking your OPINION. I REALLY would appreciate this, otherwise I will have to spend possibly weeks doing all the investigation and research which you have already done.

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