The Use of Altered Speech Feedback in Stuttering Management

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Children and ASF

From: Craig Coleman
Date: 10/21/02
Time: 1:15:22 PM
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Hi Greg,

THis was a terrific article!! You did a great job on presenting the pros and cons of ASF and devices to control stuttering.

I have a couple thoughts you may be able to address:

1. For children who may use a device that fits in the ear, what happens when the size of the ear changes?? Do they typically have to pay for a whole new device. Guess that would depend on the manufacturer, right? Seems like a very basic issue, but I've never heard it addressed.

2. I get VERY skeptical of devices that tend to play on the guilt of parents and hint that they can't possibly deny their child of a specific treatment. Actually, I would be skeptical of any treatment that did this, devices or not. I think you did a great job in your article pointing out that stuttering treatment is not "one size fits all."

Thanks again for a great article.


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