Changing the Words Around

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Re: impressions

From: Alan Badmington
Date: 05 Oct 2004
Time: 15:10:29 -0500
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Hi Valentina, Thank you, so much, for your generous comments. I think that many persons who stutter will recognise the avoidance strategies (word substitution) to which I refer in my poem. They may also relate to the emotions that I felt because of this avoidance. I agree with your suggestion that it is better to be more open about one's stutter and not attempt to cover up the dysfluency. Four years ago, I promised myself that I would never again avoid or substitute and word, letter or sound. By confronting my fears (and saying the words that I previously avoided), I found that my fear levels reduced. Today, I do not fear saying any word. I am pleased that you appear to have enjoyed a similar experience with your speech. Yes, life is much nicer when we are more honest with ourselves. I am hopeful that others will also gain a better understanding of avoidance after they read my poem (and see Chris's wonderful illustrations). Did you know that the next World Congress for People Who Stutter will be held in Croatia in 2007? I was a keynote speaker at the last conference in Australia earlier this year, and hope to travel to your country in three years time. Maybe I shall have the pleasure of meeting you there? Kindest regards Alan

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