Changing the Words Around

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Re: Great Poem!

From: Alan Badmington
Date: 16 Oct 2004
Time: 18:13:49 -0500
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Hi John, Thank you for your kind words. You're correct - word substitution allowed me to amass an immense vocabulary during my lifetime. It would have been a crime not to put those words to good use ;-) The fact that I stuttered also meant that I needed to express my thoughts and ideas on paper - consequently I acquired useful writing skills. My work colleagues had such an advantage in oral exchanges: I had to compensate via the written word. All in all, I would have much preferred a lifetime free of stuttering but I don't waste energy looking back. Today, I can pluck whatever word I choose from the extremities of my vocabulary in the knowledge that I can say it. I can do this because I ceased word substitution and realised that no word need ever again hold any fear for me. Chris has done a wonderful job with the illustrations. I feel that they could only have been drawn by someone with a history of stuttering. I'm sure we will collaborate again in the future. Kindest regards Alan

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