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HS reunion

From: Kevin Eldridge
Date: 12 Oct 2004
Time: 10:29:16 -0500
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Russ, Its interesting that you posted this article about your HS reunion. I had a very similar experience (with a twist) when I went to my 10 year reunion. Those of you who know me now, know that while I still stutter, I am "normally fluent" much of the time. This is very different from when I was in HS. I recall going to my 10 year reunion and being "excited" in my own self-centered way, that I was so fluent. I was AMAZED that not one person commented on my speech. And as you said, they remembered me. I talked to so many old friends who reminded me of many things we did together. We laughed all night, but NOT ONE person mentioned my stuttering or my apparent fluency. I realized, as you did, that while I thought about the Horrendous block I had in first period all day long, no one else gave it a second thought. I was SURE they were laughing at me all day long. Man... I wish I knew they didn't give it a second thought. My days at school would have been so much more pleasant:) Interestingly, I went to my 25th reunion and not near as many of my friends showed up. There were about 5 people I really wanted to see. This reminded me of how socially isolated I really was in HS. I "hated to stutter" and chose to be mute rather than stutter. Therefore, I didn't socialize near as much I would have liked to. However, once again, my stuttering never came up. Go figure!

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