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Re: Changes?

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 16 Oct 2004
Time: 08:51:08 -0500
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Hi Regina, Did my realizing that other people remembered ME rather than my stuttering have any impact on my stuttering? Well, not so much directly on my stuttering but to other aspects of my life. And it certainly did amaze me! Actually that event was one of the first of several that made me REALLY begin to question my own beliefs about my stuttering. If it was that important to ME, why wasn't it important to other people? -------------------------- As time went by, I slowly began to realize the possibility that ** I ** was the one out of step, not everyone else. The more I began to entertain that possibility, the easier my speech became. I suppose my fluency improved a little, but communicating with other people certainly became a LOT easier! I no longer struggled getting words out and my secondaries largely disappeared. But I still stuttered significantly! No question about that, even to this day. My attitude and self image improved hugely as the underside of my stuttering iceberg began to melt away. Today I have what I called a "styrofoam iceberg" with 90% of my stuttering above the waterline and only 10% (or even less) beneath the waterline. (See my paper at for details of the stuttering iceberg.) If I really WANTED to improve my fluency, I guess I could by using more traditional techniques, but quite honestly there are a LOT more things in life that I want to do rather than concentrate my energies on fluency. It just isn't that important to me any more. -------------------------- I certainly agree with the guy who said that his stuttering decreased as soon as he stopped letting stuttering "run his life." Certainly the EFFECTS of stuttering have decreased for us both. We're all so different. If his actual stuttering decreased, wonderful. It didn't for me - but that doesn't bother me. If fluency is important to him, then he should go for it. It's the overall life experience that is really important. The sooner you can stop stuttering from "running your life," the better off you are. No doubt about that! -------------------------- Is anything different now? Oh yeah, absolutely! I'm a much more confident person now, and I'm enjoying life a lot more. I love to talk to people any time, any where. And my 50th high school reunion is only several years off. I can't wait to touch base with everyone again! -------------------------- Thanks for asking that question, Regina. I hope you are enjoying the conference! -------------------------- Russ,, Dallas, Texas, 972-881-1451 home, 972-489-6169 cell, My home page: NSA home page:

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