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Re: So funny

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 20 Oct 2004
Time: 10:42:22 -0500
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Hey Anita! ------- Great to hear from you! Yeah, you really hit the nail right on the head! Why do WE think we're the centers of the universe? Ha, ha, ha! Because we're just human I guess! <grin> ------- I loved it when you said, "Aren't perfect people the most boring people there are???" Oh yeah!! I've thought about that many, many times. How would you like to go to a convention of people whose main problem was the windshield on their new BMW was dirty? Gag!!! How totally boring!! ------- Ya know, we are really sooooo lucky! Our problem is defined enough to share it with others, but not so deadly serious that it prevents us from having a wonderful time, especially at conventions! How would you like to attend of convention of people terminally ill with cancer? Oh gosh... Or people who are so depressed they can't even define what their problems are? And the sad thing is that there are legions of people out there just like that! <sad face> We are right in the perfect place in that "problem" spectrum to be able to do all we do. We just need to realize that... ------- Missed you in Baltimore, Anita! Sure hope to see you in Chicago! I gotta make it over to Europe sometime... Sigh... I'd REALLY like to see you again! <smile> ------- Take care! ------- Russ,, Dallas, Texas, 972-881-1451 home, 972-489-6169 cell, My home page: NSA home page:

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