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Great To Hear

From: Melissa Swanger
Date: 22 Oct 2004
Time: 15:10:26 -0500
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Your story gave me a great feeling. I am not a person who stutters, but going into the Speech Pathology field, it is of great use to me. I am sure that I will tell your story to children who are having trouble with self esteem due to stuttering. I am sure that many of them think that the stuttering is all that people notice when speaking to them, but it may not be the case. Your story made me think about my high school. I don't know if anyone in my school had a stutter. There very well could have been acquaintances in my school that had a stutter, but I didn't note it enough for myself to even remember. Of all the people that had trouble remembering that you had a stutter, do you remember any of them commenting on it during high school? I can only imagine that if people didn't remember it, they didn't note it much when they were going to school with you.

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