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Re: Studies?

From: Genell West
Date: 20 Oct 2004
Time: 21:03:18 -0500
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I just think that it would make for an interesting study, to see how many people could change the frequency of their stuttering simply by changing their mindset. I am currently an undergraduate at Western Washington University and am enrolled in a Fluency course. I don't know alot about stuttering but I am very fascinated by it. If changing the way you thought helped control the frequency of your stuttering, I wonder if it would help others in a similar way. To study this would give us more information on what other factors, if any, other than changing the outlook on your stuttering, were present when the change in your fluency occured. Would this work with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds? We could study this as well. I don't know...it's just a thought...=)I've found that having this new interest in stuttering has resulted in my wanting to do studies on everything! =)

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