Songs About Stuttering

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Songs about stuttering

From: Tobe Richards
Date: 03 Oct 2004
Time: 05:06:22 -0500
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Hi guys :-) Firstly, Frankie - My wife Chris and I met you at this year's NSA Conference in Baltimore and bought your excellent CD. The Man in the Mirror is a beautifully written piece that I'm sure will strike a chord with many listeners - young people in particular. We also loved your performances at the Conference - solo and with the children. Very best of lucky with your music career, you really deserve to make it!!! We'll have to try and get you over here to one of our BSA Conferences in the UK :-). Also, looking forward to seeing more of you in John Paskievich's documentary, but in the short segment we did see, you were great! Secondly, Jason. I loved the song - it reminded me of one of my favourite styles of music. I guess you'd label it country rock, a la Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Byrds etc. Great lyrics too! Did I spot a mandolin picking away there? Being an 'amateur' songwriter myself, I really can appreciate the work that went in to that number - As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed it and not just because of the subject matter - great song! And as for Scatman John...well what can you say - the man was totally unique! How he did those vocal acrobatics still amazes me. There's scat singing then there's 'SCAT SINGING!!!' - John was definitely the latter. Three inspirational artists with very different styles - it makes you wonder how much more untapped talent there is out there in the stuttering community!? Best wishes, Tobe

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