Like Yourself, Believe in Yourself, and Work Hard to Reach Your Goals

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Re: question

From: Gunars
Date: 13 Oct 2004
Time: 23:35:15 -0500
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Dear Jillian, One day I saw on my girlfriends table a book by Albert Ellis and Robert Harper called “A Guide to Rational Living”. (The new version of this book was published in 1997.) I read the book and found it very inspiring. That was when I started to think about liking myself. However, it was not until I ended up working on Long Island, I had the opportunity to get psychotherapy (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)) with Albert Ellis, the founder of REBT, that I really convinced myself to like myself no matter how much I stuttered, what other mistakes I made, who disliked me, who hated me, what I owned, if I did anything well, or if I was a success in life or not. I find that now I am nearly fluent. When I do voluntary pseudo-stuttering or have a small disfluency sssssuch as thu-this, I no longer evaluate or rate myself, I simply accept myself. I have not experienced any difficulty either in my school or in my internship dealing with other people. The only comment I have heard is, “You take your occasional stutter with such dignity and self-assurance, that other people either don’t hear it or are calmed by your attitude. It does not at all impede your communication.” Gunars

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