Friends and Family Day

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Family-based support is so essential

From: Alan Badmington
Date: 08 Oct 2004
Time: 04:06:14 -0500
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Hi All, Congratulations! - you are all doing such a wonderful job. I just love the emphasis that you place upon family-based support. It is so, so, so essential (No!- I didn't stutter there, I just wanted to emphasise the point ;-) ). As a result of my involvement with several Internet groups for PWS, I regularly read emails from persons who were devoid of help and support when they needed it most. This absence of family involvement (and accompanying lack of awareness about the problems associated with stuttering) have left indelible scars. Thankfully, organisations such as FRIENDS are redressing the balance. Incidentally, I have written two poems that can be found elsewhere in the ISAD Online Conference. Both are principally aimed at children and young persons who stutter. The first (entitled 'Changing the Words Around') attempts to explain the implications of word substitution, while the other (entitled 'Everyone's Different') is intended to help them appreciate that we are all unique. The former has been beautifully illustrated by Chris Badgett-Richards, so that the message can be more easily understood. If you consider them to be appropriate, then please feel free to use the material at future workshops. Thank you, once again, for your sterling efforts. Kindest regards Alan Badmington

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