The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is. The Perfect Job: Tips for Getting (and Keeping) a Job

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Hi Beth

From: Tony Stewart
Date: 03 Oct 2006
Time: 15:18:29 -0500
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Thanks for this paper, Beth. You've obviously done really well for yourself in gaining a PhD as well as your other achievements! Your paper is a great guide for stutterers, who so often come unstuck at interviews. My own stutter has led to lots of negative (and positive) experiences in interviews and employment. Some employers think that stutterers make their organisation look bad - but in my experience, it really need NEVER affect someone's ability to provide a good service and perform well. As you say, we need to concentrate on what we do well - and that's usually a hell of a lot more than we are prepared to admit! As well as working in healthcare for years, I also do a lot of lecturing, and despite stuttering profusely at lots of people, no one seems bothered. Kind regards Tony

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