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Re: Technical and pratical avenues

Date: 11 Oct 2006
Time: 19:21:18 -0500
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This is an interesting question because I know a lot of people who stutter who work in technical fields. People with more severe disabilities often get tracked into the same jobs areas, which are often low-paying, low-skilled and have low-advancement potential. We call them the Four F’s – food, flowers, filth and filing. There are a lot of programs around to try to get these folks into better career fields or even opening their own small businesses, and some are quite successful. Perhaps technology is stutterer’s way of tracking into something that doesn’t require as much speaking as, for example, sales or teaching. People may choose to take those courses in school and head in that direction for a job because they know that good speaking skills aren’t required. One benefit of technical jobs, however, is that they are usually better paying and rely on greater sets of skills and education than the Four F’s! Or perhaps there’s something about stutterer’s brains that make them better suited for technical jobs? Better math and science skills? I would doubt it because I know quite a few of us who have very poor math and science skills!!

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