The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is. The Perfect Job: Tips for Getting (and Keeping) a Job

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From: Erin Lewis, WVU grad student
Date: 16 Oct 2006
Time: 18:51:25 -0500
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I really admire your story and how you have handled your fear of getting the "perfect" job. I share the same feelings, and I am not a stutterer. A job interview is stressful enough! I think it is a great idea that you have come up with tips to keep in mind when seeking a job. I think it is very helpful to everyone, and not directed to only stutterers. It really seems that you are satisfied with your job at the Office of Disability Employment, but is this a job that makes you feel more comfortable with your stuttering and working in an atmosphere of people who are understanding of disabilities?...or would you feel the same way at any other job setting?

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