The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is. The Perfect Job: Tips for Getting (and Keeping) a Job

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Great article - its been used for discussion

From: Pam Mertz, Covert Adult PWS
Date: 17 Oct 2006
Time: 16:10:31 -0500
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Beth, Outstanding article. You have helped me many times since the June NSA Conference. If you recall, you have emailed my many links and articles that I have used as I pursue a wrongful termination claim, where I believe I was discriminated against due to my stuttering. I read your article soon after it was posted on this site. To my delight, when I went to my weekly college Fluency Council meeting last night (10/16/06), your article had been selected to be the focal point of our group meeting on adult perspectives of stuttering as it relates to career choice, and do we hold ouselves back because of our stutter. I was so proud to have this article be used for our group, because your ideas come from personal and professional experience. The group was very postive, and many members could relate to the challenges faced by job seekers who also happen to stutter. There was another person in the group who also knows you, so it was great to have this topic for our group and have some personal connections. You should be proud of yourself for writing such a terrific piece, and providing valuable insights for adults to ponder and reflect upon. We are in Albany, NY, by the way, and everyone remarked favorably on your article. From my perspective, it was excellent. Well written, concise, and very informative for the ordinary person who may not be quite so versed in ADA, ODEP, and such. I am glad you have been so willing to share your resources with others. It is very helpful and inspiring. Keep up the great work.

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