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Re: Your college years

From: Beth Bienvenu
Date: 21 Oct 2006
Time: 13:23:05 -0500
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No, I really didnít. I think that I was perhaps hiding from the work world by staying in school. I really didnít know what I wanted to do, so I just kept starting new programs. I really did love school Ė it was a great lifestyle and I enjoyed learning. But I was also putting off the inevitable. I wasnít necessarily hiding from the work world because of my speech. The only problem I had in school was when I had to teach undergrad classes because of my assistantship. I did OK the first semester, but in the second semester I started to have more problems with stuttering. I don't recommend putting off the 'real world' by going to grad school. It's a very expensive way to find yourself! You should really have a goal in mind first. And working for a few years in between college and grad school is a good way to figure out of that's what you really want. Thanks for your question!

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