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Re: career related disclosure

Date: 23 Oct 2006
Time: 07:58:57 -0500
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Iím not sure if you are asking if a PWS should disclose his or her stuttering on the job as an SLP or if you are asking for general advice for PWS wanting to become SLPís. Iíll take a stab at the former question. I would think and hope that SLP programs would be very understanding and welcoming for PWS in their programs, so disclosure would be a good thing in applying for and going through an SLP program. And it would also help the Ďfluentí students understand what stuttering in real life is like. As for disclosing on the job, whether itís in a school or private practice, I think it would be important to disclose up front to the client, teachers and parents. By being open and honest about your stuttering, itís an opportunity to show them that, 1) you are not trying to hide your speech and that you are not ashamed of it, 2) stuttering has no cure, but there are ways to manage and life with it, 3) you are an example of how a PWS can become a successful professional and serve as a role model for young people. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your post!

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