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Re: Unfullfilling Jobs

From: Beth Bienvenu
Date: 23 Oct 2006
Time: 08:10:04 -0500
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This is a hard question for me because although itís easy to tell if you are being discriminated against in the most blatant cases, but itís hard to tell when itís subtle. My managers MAY have been holding me back in my assignments because they didnít think I could handle difficult speaking assignments because of my stuttering, but I think that most of the problem resided in myself. I donít think I came across as confident when I spoke in meetings or in one-on-one conversations because my stuttering Ė and my avoidances Ė made me sound hesitant and unconfident. I was also hesitant to speak up in meetings, so that made me seem less knowledgeable and less engaged. I still havenít mastered the art of sounding confident in my speech and in what Iím saying, but Iím much better now that I am older and have more to base my confidence on. So to answer your question, no I donít think I was discriminated against explicitly, rather I just fell victim to my own lack of confidence which caused my employers to not see my full potential. Thanks for your post. It really made me think about this question!

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