A Family Activity to Address the Problem of Interruptions

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The talking feather

From: Connie Dugan
Date: 22 Oct 2006
Time: 20:09:13 -0500
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Another activity that I have used in households where a lot of interrupting occurs and/or where there are many children is the "Talking Feather". The concept is based on Native Americans use of the Feather to represent who has the "floor to speak". In other words, when I have the feather, it's my turn to share. Young children learn a lot about taking turns when they attend school. In one situation, I worked with a family that had 7 children. One morning, after therapy for one of the children, I talked with the mother and all 7 children. I explained the use of the Talking Feather and how it would make it easier for them to share with their parents all the neat things that had happened to them. The children got the message loud and clear. One night when a very weary father came home, he expressed that all of them were talking at the same time. Two of the children said, "Get the Talking Feather that Erin gave us!" It's tough for parents to remember to use these little helpful ideas, but the children remembered and took the responsibility to remind the parents. It's really a useful strategy. Erin

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