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Re: Great idea

From: Dale
Date: 20 Oct 2006
Time: 12:02:12 -0500
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That’s an interesting question, Ellen. I think kids do like hearing about well known stuttering athletes and, in a general sense, benefit from it (as in “Hey, my stuttering doesn’t have to hold me back”). Does it help in that moment they’re stepping outside the comfort zone (say, dialing the phone to make a call)? Realistically, they’re probably not reflecting on Johnny Damon at that moment, although who knows—maybe they’re thinking about him for inspiration. Re other sports-related tx approaches, I use a lot of sports analogies when talking about risk-taking. In fact, my 2000 ISAD paper was on that topic. I’ll try to post a link here. If it doesn’t show up, we’ll learn that posting a link is either impossible or against the rules (and assume Judy is yelling at me). The Stuttering Home Page (a tremendous site BTW) has links to all previous conferences. Anyway, here goes:

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