Journal Writing for Children Who Stutter

Re: Journal writing

From: Jackie Biagini
Date: 10/16/00
Time: 3:02:03 PM
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Mary, I am working in the publicd schools as well -2 buildings - grades 5 - 12, three different schedules including a 7-day rotating block schedule for grades 7-12. My caseload usually climbs to near 70 each year. It is very difficult. That is part of the reason we developed the journal, and made it so easy to use. I don't often have time to read lengthy articles or manuals for all the wonderful stuff out there. It was our hope that the journal would alleviate some of that pressure. The revolving door of the school SLP's room leaves little time to reflect on what has just happened with one group, or to switch gears for the next session. Starting a session with a journal entry makes more effective use of those first few minutes for both student and therapist. I hope you have great success with it. Jackie

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